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Carnaval 2008
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September 19, 2010

The 13th annual street carnaval will take place on Sunday, September 19, 2010 in the new promenade amphitheater.

If you are interested in sponsorship packages, please contact:

or call: 562-508-4504, 310-991-5744

Children sing before the parade

Thanks to All!!

To quote the well known phrase: what is the true measure of success? In the case of the 12th Annual Brazilian Street Carnaval, it was a success at many levels with so many to thank.


2008 Theme: Children - The Future of All Countries

The theme for the 2008 Brazilian Carnaval Ball and Street Carnaval is: "Children - The Future of All Countries".

Our children's future depends on us and this year your participation will help children directly!

Tickets Help Children

A portion of all tickets sold will go to help the children of the world via the Self-Enlightment Institute.

Children 12 and under get in free!

Read more about this year's theme.
Children - The Future of All Countries

LA Times Pick for Best Bet Event on Sunday

The 12th Annual Brazilian Street Carnaval has been chosen by the LA Times Editors as the Best Bet Event for this Sunday!

LA Times Pick for Best Bet Event on Sunday
Thatiana Pagung and Alex de Oliveira

Samba Celebrities Exclusive to the Event

Exclusive to this year's event are Rio's 2008 reigning King and Queen of Carnaval, Alex de Oliveira, Rio's current King Momo and Thatiana Pagung, current samba queen of Mocidade Samba School, one of the top samba schools in Brazil.

They will be parading in the Rio-Style parade and Thatiana will be giving a workshop in samba dance for all those aspiring to become Percussion Queens!

Details about King Alex de Oliveira

Details about Queen Thatiana Pagung

Children's Costumes for Sale for the Parade

Your Child is Invited to Parade with Us!

With this year's theme of "Children", we are inviting all children to parade with us in costume or Brazilian-style clothes in the Rio-Style samba parade. If you don't have a costume, we have some very nice costumes made in Brazil that you will love - and the price is right!

Details... on how to participate.

Bloco T-Shirt

Bloco T-Shirt

You can be a part of our second parade, the Trio Electrio in the style of Bahia. This year's Trio-Electrio is lead by the energetic Bahian Fabio Assis and Made in Bahia. You can purchase your T-Shirt online.

Details on how to get your T-Shirt for the parade.

Bands Lining Up for the 12th Annual Brazilian Street Carnaval

Bands Lining Up for the 12th Annual Brazilian Street Carnaval

Here are just some of the bands and entertainment lining up for the Brazilian Street Carnaval:

  • Sambajah Samba and Pagode Band
  • Made in Bahia
  • Campbell Hall Brazilian Percussion Ensemble
  • Renni Flores
  • Carlinhos do Pandeiro
  • Sambaleza Dancers
  • SambaLa Bateria
  • Capoeira with Navalzinho Mumid
  • Michael Ruggieri
Click here for detailed information.
Caipirinhas, Brazilian Hot Dogs, and of course, Churrasco!

Caipirinhas, Brazilian Hot Dogs, and of course, Churrasco!

The Brazilian Street Carnaval would not be the same without the food and drink of Brazil. This year's event has for the first time: caipirinhas! Also, hot dogs for the performers and children by world-famous Brazilian cook Remi.


Samba Song Music Video

Here is a music video of this year's samba theme song (Samba Enredo) by Renni Flores.

Video of the Last Brazilian Street Carnaval

Video of the Last Brazilian Street Carnaval

See a 5 minute video highlight of this year's event. Thanks to for taking the video.

These are large files and require a fast internet connection:

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