Brazilian Street Carnaval
Children's Costumes

Your Children can Parade with Us in 2008!

For this year's theme of Children, SambaLa is gathering over 30 children to form an "ala" or group in the Rio-Style parade. Your children are welcome! There is no entry fee. Simply show up in your carnaval costume, Brazilian-colored clothes, or purchase one of our children's costumes made in Brazil.

There are a very limited number for purchase so if you are interested in purchasing a costume for a child, please contact SambaLa carnavalesca:

Doris de Hilster at (562) 508-4504.

Your Child Already Has a Costume? You Can Parade Too!

If your child already has a carnaval costume, they can parade with us. Simply show up with your child's in their carnaval costume and they can join the over 30 children parading in this year's Rio-Style Parade. Your Child Already Has a Costume? You Can Parade Too!

Girls 2008 Costume - Little Bahia

The Girls costume for the 2008 parade are in the style of Bahia which is reminicent of Carmen Miranda who was also from Bahia.

The costumes are designed and made partially in Brazil, and finished in Long Beach at SambaLa with dontated time keeping the price of the costume cost down.

Cost: $50

Christina Furumasu, a SambaLa member and her sister Christina (below) model the little girls costumes.
Girls 2008 Costume

Girls 2008 Costume - Little Bahia

Same costume as above, modeled by Christina Furumasu.

Cost: $50
Girls 2008 Costume - Little Bahia
Boy's 2008 Costume - Little Malandro

Boy's 2008 Costume - Little Malandro

The boy's costume is all Rio patterned after the famous "Malandro" or "Street-wise" guy. The costume includes a hat, shirt, and pants.

Cost: $50

Modeling the Little Malandro is SambaLa member Sequoia Lewak Hawk.

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Come to Club Samba where SambaLa is already in full practice for Carnaval 2007. See a drum and dance show - the best samba show in the country! At the Blue Cafe every first Saturday of the month in downtown Long Beach. More info at